The notable Lyn St. James was introduced to the Women's Sports Foundation in 1983. She stayed in contact with the foundation and eventually became a board member of the foundation's Athlete's Advisory Board and then a member of the Board of Trustees. In 1990, Lyn St. James was elected President of the Women's Sports Foundation. Her time with the Women's Sports Foundation encouraged the start of the Lyn St. James Foundation, also known as the Women in the Winner's Circle Foundation, a non-profit organization for up-and-coming women drivers. As she recognized how funding was needed in order to allow young women to develop in the racing industry,  the idea of Project Podium came to life. In 2007, St. James had help from Paul Newman/Newman's Own and the Women in the Winner's Circle Foundation announced their new scholarship fund for young women drivers, the first ever. In 2013, the two foundations combined to create the Women's Sports Foundation Women in the Winner's Circle Project Podium Grant!

The foundation's vision includes the following:

  • Increase the number of women winning races and championships in key categories of motorsports
  • Enhance the ability of women in racing to gain resources for expanded opportunities
  • Create a diverse talent pool in the upper echelon of motorsports
  • Highlight racing as a gender-neutral sport and gender-integrated industry
  • Empower drivers with ability to generate financial resources to grow and sustain their racing careers

We are so thankful Makala was chosen as a winner for the 2016 season and again 2018!

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